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The MTI Admissions Process

The Student Admissions Process at MTI

Schedule your meeting with a Student Admissions Advisor to discuss your future healthcare career

The healthcare programs taught at MTI are designed to prepare students to become highly trained healthcare professionals, ready to begin entry-level positions within the healthcare industry in Miami FL.

Admission Requirements

Entrance Requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Student Admission Procedures

In the interest of the individual wishing to be admitted into More Tech Institute, an appointment is set to visit & meet with advisers where all the program options are explored. A tour of the facility is given & the institution’s catalog will be provided to the individual for review and understanding with the advisers.

When & if the individual decides to enroll, a completed preliminary application will be required. Once a completed preliminary application is provided, the School Director will review the information given in the application & a decision is made on the admission as a student. If admitted, the individual is given an enrollment agreement to complete & during the process of enrollment, the individual must provide a copy of the high school diploma or transcript, copy of GED certification.

The payment schedule is open for discussion at the time of enrollment. If the applicant is under the age of 18, a co-signer (parent or guardian) must be present before admission is granted. The student will be given a trial period of 5 days to observe classroom(s) and make a final decision if they would like to continue their studies at the institute.

The institute will provide a fair and supportive learning environment, to the extent possible, for students with special needs who will benefit from the programs offered at More Tech Institute. While the institute wishes to assist all students with special needs to the greatest extent possible, it cannot guarantee that such assistance will be available. Students with special needs should contact the institute in advance before attending the institute and the institute will do its best to accommodate those needs where possible. More Tech Institute will not deny admission.