Mission Statement

More Tech Institute

More Tech Institute is committed to successfully preparing our graduates for new career opportunities in the Healthcare Industry. We measure our success at achieving our mission by successfully graduating and placing our students in rewarding Allied Health Careers. We provide our graduates with viable options by providing educational programs leading to successful employment.

We believe in creating a positive and supportive learning environment, so students can meet their unique educational goals. We recognize the needs of the community as they evolve and change with each passing day and attempt to offer Allied Health Programs to students that fill the needs of the student and of the surrounding community. The staff and faculty of the school strive to provide students with opportunities for self-improvement through education that will lead to gainful employment. We are committed to meeting the needs of the population of the community we serve. We are dedicated to providing a well-balanced curriculum in learning designed to promote an educational experience that will enhance the students’ full potential.

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Institutional Goals

Self-improvement through education

Staying at the forefront of education by providing opportunities for self-improvement through education.

Positive & supporting learning environment

Create a positive & supporting learning environment so students can meet their unique educational goals.

Well-balanced curriculum in learning

Providing a well-balanced curriculum in learning, designed to promote an educational experience that will enhance the student’s full potential.

Fulfilling the needs of the community

Fulfilling the needs of the community by providing trained workers in the healthcare industry and business computer applications fields.

Student graduation & employment

Ensuring that our students graduate and find gainful employment in the field in which they have acquired the skills and knowledge they sought when they initially enrolled in our school.
More Tech Institute
More Tech Institute

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More Tech Institute

Dedicated to each & every student’s succes

We are committed to each student & make it our obligation to help the student gain entry-level employment within the healthcare industry.

We measure our success by every student’s ability to achieve the knowledge and skills they need to excel as Allied Health medical professionals. It is our directive to ensure that every student who enrolls in our Healthcare programs will have an opportunity to succeed in the Healthcare field. We measure our success by the success of our students and graduates.


More Tech Institute Corporation is wholly owned & operated by Board of Directors, Cesar Morales & Fernando Morgan
More Tech Institute

Facility & Equipment

Located in Hialeah, Florida, the facility is approximately 7,000 square feet within a modern, air-conditioned building. Our facility houses (14) large classrooms, (1) fully equipped phlebotomy and EKG lab, (4) administrative offices, (4) restrooms, (1) reception area, (1) student lounge provided with snacks and beverages, and (1) library. There is plenty of parking available. Located behind the Denny’s and next to the US Post Office.

Our facility also has wheelchair access ramps & handicapped restrooms for students with physical disabilities. Up-to-date computers with high-speed internet access are provided to the students. The library provides the students with online resource materials including a collection of e-books, reference materials, professional journals and industry magazines related to the programs offered by the institution.

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