Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES)

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Institutional Goals

Fulfilling the needs of the community by providing trained workers in the healthccare industry and business computer applications fields.

Providing Opportunities

At the forefront of education by providing opportunities for self-improvement through education.

Educational Goals

Positive & supporting learning environment for students to meet their unique educational goals.

Graduation & Employment

Ensuring that our students graduate and find employment according to their skills and knowledge. 

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    CARES Act Disclosures

    Please check the PDF documents for more details about the CARES Act Reports & Disclosures

    1st Disclosure

    Download PDF

    3rd Disclosure

    Download PDF

    5th Disclosure

    Download PDF

    2nd Disclosure

    Download PDF

    4th Disclosure

    Download PDF

    6th Disclosure

    Download PDF
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